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This page is a work in progress as most of the effort in an operational web site is targeted at alumni and reunion information.  Limited information is available via the navigation buttons on the left. Updates to these links will be made based on availability of information and time to update the web site.

"Progress in Defense and Space; A History of the Aerospace Group of the General Electric Company" by Major A. Johnson copyright 1993 is an excellent resource for information about General Electric's former Aerospace business, is 656 pages and has 53 pages devoted to the Electronics Laboratory. Copies of the book are available from Major Johnson for $25 including shipping and handling. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, the committee can provide contact information for Major. Major has graciously granted permission to make the E-Lab chapter available via this web site.

A history of Electronics Park is available at www.ElectronicsPark.org through efforts of the Liverpool Public Library.  Video clips of the history can be viewed and a DVD can be ordered through the site. Per the site "Narrated by Steve Auyer, a long-time GE employee, this DVD illustrates how Walter R.G. Baker developed the area into a new kind of industrial park. Told by the men and women who worked the General Electric assembly lines, designed components, and engineered the many items produced at this site, this video offers a unique look at the rich history of Liverpool. This DVD also contains bonus materials including vintage television and radio commercials, newspaper articles, and advertisements about Electronics Park."

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