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194x, Electronics Park Steam Tunnel Excavation

195x, Ronald Reagan at Electronics Park

1953, John Saby and Ronald Reagan

19xx, LaDon Brennan and Harry Mayer

19xx, Natalie Podsaid, LaDon Brennan with Jerry Suran at the typewritter

2/1962, High Speed Logic Team (Ed Nielsen, Ed Stabler, Jerry Suran, Rene Marolf, John Kim, Bill Peil, Heinz Raillard and Ron Goldner)

?/?/1966, The Kingston Trio drops in on an E-Lab party.

2/4/1967, John Buchta contemplating the throwing of rice at Tom & Anne Sly on the occasion of their wedding.

1967 Picnic

5/15/1978, GOSAM, Jack Lunden, Rosanna Capozza, Ernesto Nassau and Jack Raper

9/11/1978, Tina Holdren, LaDon Brennan, Donna Ruth and Rosanne Ross

10/10/1978, GE Family Day Computer Portraits

5/?/1980, IEEE dinner (Paul Buda and Bob Ruth)

5/?/1980, The Narrow Band plays

1980-1982 E-Lab Softball Team Cap (Tom Brown, graphic designer)

1980, Dave Brown Back in Uniform (8/3/2004)

1982, Tennis (Glen Gawler, Barbara Pfeifer, George Pfeifer, YC Hwang, Lois Hwang, Bob Glusick & Carol Glusick)

6/27/1981, Picnic (Ricky Hernandez, Donna Ruth & Renee Ruth)

10/10/1984, Monilitic Microwave Group

1985, John May's Group

8/1986, Party, LaDon Brennan heads to OTH in Maine

12/1994 Final Holiday Christmas Party

12/1994 Final Holiday Christmas Party

11/20/1995, Dick Brefka, Ross Nicholas and Jan Just

11/20/1995, E-Lab Foundry Services (John May and Tony Immorlica)

11/20/1995, The Bean Counters (Larry Shepard and Ron Ziomek)

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