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The following alumni listing is a summary of all known E-Lab alumni and also identifies those individuals for which we do not have contact information (e.g., home address, telephone number or E-mail address). Please provide information on employees, summer students or the trades. Remember many of the trades, including millwrights, plumbers, electricians, etc., were considered part of the E-Lab family yet were not E-Lab employees and often missed in any of the memorabilia we're using to generate the alumni list.  Please provide


Name (full including middle initial please and nickname)




Home address, E-mail address and telephone number


Employer, work E-mail address and telephone number


Start and ending employment dates


Your employment status (employee, summer student, Edison course student, Advanced Course student, trade (i.e., for electricians, plumbers, millwrights, etc.)

Complete Alumni Listing

Missing Alumni Listing: The committee is desperately seeking help in locating these alumni or identifying given names for those that are only identified by initials. Any assistance will be appreciated!

Please E-mail any updates and/or corrections to Donna Ruth, LaDon Brennan or submit their contact information via the web .

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